Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

So, it has now been over 6 months since the very heartbreaking collapse of Thomas Cook.

Each day to me and many others it still seems very strange to no longer be able to tell people that I work for Thomas Cook.

As I have posted previously I had been with the company for 12 years when the collapse happened and getting close to start more major project work as part of the role I had something of which would have been great and sadly would never see the light of the day.

Of course, I still know of people who are looking for a new job even 6 months later, something of which is a great shame for such tallented people.

Following the collapse, there was also a Select Committee Hearing of which had to be stopped due to the UK Elections at the time and it’s a great shame that it could not be continued, I like many others feel that so much more could have been done to save the company.  At no supprise, was the name / branding taken over by Fosun who will launch a online agency somepoint inthe future it was one of the two outcomes which were being expected to happen to a great loss to the talanted staff.

Now with the situation we are in with COVID-19, if we made it past September we would of been likely not to have continued and as someone who has worked in travel for the 12 years, I hope that companies will make it through our very difficult period.

I am still working for the company that I started working for in October, but I recently started a new role as a Stock Controller and Purchase Ledger Admin, as part of this I’m also doing a course as well something of which I will proivde a furhter update later in the year.

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