Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

The 23rd September 2019 at 02:00 a time so many people will remember.

I remember that Sunday 22nd being so worried, in fact I did not even manage to sleep that night.

As it got after midnight the drummers got stronger, then images on Twitter showed Thomas Cook Aircraft were starting to me impounded the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as they landed in the UK.  When I saw that I just knew what was going to become even though I hoped so much for the best.

Then, at 2am, while watching it was announced on the news channels, Thomas Cook had ceased trading.

It was such a horrible and sad way to find out that the worst had now happened when we all had so much hope.

I still got no sleep at all even after the news and was due to go to what was my work at 8am.  I decided to leave to go to the office earlier than normal and it was such an emotional experience.

When I got in there was only some staff at the time as it was so early in the office, but I didn’t want to be at home alone, I was around people I worked with, people I call friends.

It was at 10am when the administrators confirmed the worst to us all as we were filled with sadness and tears.

A number of staff were kept on to help wind down the company sadly as you will have read I was not one of them.

It was such a sad time, saying bye to so many friends, leaving my laptop on my desk, walking past the security guards the administrators brought in for that one last time.

Through the lead up to the collapse, we were filled with so much hope that we would make it even being given reassurances from higher up that it was very hopeful.

Of course, that weekend we were told it was a critical weekend but we still had the hope.

Following this, the great part was that we supported each other, it didn’t matter where you worked for TC be it retail, call centre, head office, airline or overseas we were going through it together and helped each other.

Many people would say it was just for a job, but for us who worked at Thomas Cook it wasn’t, it was a passion, we were all good friends who worked together.  Helping each other through the highs and the lows.

With 12 years and 1 month of working for TC I had so many experiences which I will never forget.

From when I first started in the Call Centre in Larbert within Customer Helpdesk.  Going through consultations in that time for changes.

Of course, I had different roles while working in the Call Centre including dealing with direct customers in my CHD days.  Being a Real-Time Analyst.  Helping with the rollout of the new telephony system Genesys.  Being trained on Flexible Trips (oh how I did not enjoy that one as much) taking calls from travel agents.  In 2012 going to London for a few days during the Olympics and being able to go into the Olympic Park.  Working in Customer Relations from 2013 dealing with complaints along with helping with the flight delay claims and processes.

I was lucky enough to then do a few bits of project work in Customer Relations with testing Matsoft developments and being part of a major release with all the issues that also brought.

Then, for about the final year, I was working on the roll-out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to the Customer Relations team, it was an experience I was very thankful for and later helped me get a promotion in 2018.

I also worked closely with our Outsourcing Partner WNS helping work on their processes along with this working with them on the quality of work and ensuring that the right areas were being looked at.

As you will have read on my blog 2018 was a big change for me with a move down to Peterborough for a new role in Head Office which almost lasted a year.

That had its challenges as well being such a different role for me, but I was learning and was looking forward to developing further along with what was going to be another busy year ahead with a lot planned.

I will always be thankful for what Thomas Cook gave me, the opportunities along with how I developed.

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