Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

It is with a very very heart felt and very sad way that I need to give you this message one that I myself never expected that I would need to give.

As some may know, I have worked for Thomas Cook since the age of 21, a massive 12 years have gone past with my employment dedicated to the company.

Yes, you may say it was just a job, but Thomas Cook for anyone who has worked there knows that it is so much more than just a job, you are one big family.

We were there to see the news break together in the early hours of the morning on the 23rd September, for us in the Peterborough office we went into the office ‘united as one team’ to have the news break to us from what was our Managing Director and the liquidator taking over control.

As of Monday 23rd September 2019 at 2am, I have become unemployed, redudent, jobless.

I have been lost for words, I have not known what to say, apart from being so upset and evening having a number of cries. 

I am going through applying for jobs hoping for the best that I can find something quickly and not wait too long of a priod before I can get one so time will tell.

========= My offical statement below on how I feel ========

If you are a member of press or media, wishing to use this statement, please email me: mail[@] for premission and any further details you need.


With working for Thomas Cook for 12 years, it has been such a major shock to myself and everyone I work with at what has happened. As I’m sure you will hear from other staff, it’s not just about the job, its the people we work with, the people we seen every day who you can describew as being a family not just work collegues.

We were all weekend very much hoping that something, anything would be arranged to rescue the company and not let it fall.

One of the hardest parts was with the announcement, I found out that I no longer had the job on Twitter when the CAA & FCO had announced the cease of traiding closley followed by BBC News 24, it was a night where myself and many got no sleep just waiting and hoping. There was no idea that this was going to happen until it was announced and was very much hopefull that yesterday, we would be going into the office to work as normal.

The support I have seen not just from the Travel Industry but from other companies has been so great to see even within the Travel Industry hoping and very much with us all the way.

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