Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

I just wanted to give you an update on my new job which I started at the start of the month.

Now that I’m coming up to my second week in the new job and 3 week’s after loosing my job at Thomas Cook things are still very strange for me.

It just feels so odd, walking into a completly different office every day with completly different people I work with and a completly different work ID card.

Now, the positive is that everyone I now work with in my new job are lovely and I get on with everyone so well, it has got a nice ‘family’ feel to the job which is even better.

As the company is alot smaller (around 50 employees) you actually see people alot more than I did at TC even up to the managing director of the company who actual spends time to talk to staff which is lovely to see.

I still do have alot to learn in my new job but I’m getting there and already doing tasks by myself which has been good.

I already have a few days off planned over Christmas to let me go home and seed my family which will be nice.

So in short, the new job is going very well for me and really enjoying it and get on with everyone I work with but still have times where I struggle with being away from Thomas Cook of which I hope will some point can get closure on.

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