Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

It’s September already, where has time gone!

Now, as you may have seen on my blog and YouTube videos, I should have been going to Orlando to enjoy 12 nights at Universal however, due to COVID-19, this has no longer been possible and has meant that I have delayed my trip to Orlando to September 2021.

During the full pandemic, I have been lucky enough to still be working, but at the same time this has also meant that I have had no time to my self since my December break from work (excluding Bank Holidays which I was off)

Now, as you could imagine, the way things are at the moment and ever-changing, I won’t be travelling overseas during 2020 which, is actually the first time since a long time (last time I didn’t go overseas was 2007!) so I have had to adapt to what I would be doing, after all we do need to take a break from the ‘norm’ and this means a staycation!

So, I do have a few exciting things planned of which, you may also not be surprised to read!

On my first week off work, apart from taking it easy to enjoy the time off, I will be going South for two days, including a one-night stay-over and I will be visiting Legoland Windsor (somewhere, I didn’t do last year!) and the following day, yes you can guess, I will be going to Thorpe Park! 

After this, I will have two days of ‘rest’ back at home before my next and slightly longer trip away somewhere, which I actually wanted to do last year but just did not make the time for… drum roll!!

I will be going to Alton Towers for three nights, staying at the Splash Landings hotel! 

The main reason for doing three nights when I go to Alton Towers is that it’s not as ‘easy’ to travel to for the day for me compared to Thorpe Park, so I want to make sure that I can make the most of my visit, in addition, it will also give me plenty of time to make the most of the rides at Alton Towers.

When I go to both Thorpe Park and Alton Towers, it will also be their ‘Octoberfest’ which should also make the trips even more fun, in addition by the time I go the schools will be back so the parks won’t (hopefully) be as busy as they have been over summer.

Now of course, with this in mind I will be getting plenty of pictures from my trips (apart from Thorpe Park, I have alot from there already!) along with that I will also try to get some videos made of my trips as well, so please do watch this space for them.

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