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Today I’m going to talk about something slightly different for something of which I absolutely love, enjoy and is one brilliant hobby to have!

This year sees PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors so what better way to celebrate their 50th Anniversary Year than to talk about my love for Scuba and my journey so far and where I would like to go in the future.

My PADI Adventure started back in September 2013, where I had gone on holiday unplanned in fact to complete Scuba Diving to the lovely Sentido Reef Oasis, this holiday was a unplanned one original after the passing of my grandmother earlier in 2013 I decided to use the money to travel and during the holiday I had decided that I would re-take up Scuba Diving and I had went on to complete the PADI Open Water Diver, the first stage of certification within PADI.l

I must say that completing this over the week’s holiday I had was just amazing, the team at the Reef Oasis Dive Club (RODC) made you feel very welcome, all the staff were very friendly and made the Open Water Course an enjoyable experience.

After this, I must say that I had caught the Scuba Diving ‘bug’ and I was so impressed by the team at RODC that I decided that in 2014 I would go back for a two week holiday and I would complete my Advanced Open Water.

Well, I can say that did happen with going back to stay at the Reef Oasis Beach Resort where I stayed at the last two weeks of May.  During the two week holiday back at the Reef Oasis I managed to successfully complete the Advanced Open Water , Digital Underwater Photography Level 1 and Underwater Naturalist.

While completing the AOWD this helps you get to the next step, where you earn your AOWD certification by some Adventure Dives, two of which must include the Deep and Underwater Navigation.  These were all so enjoyable to complete and at the same time getting to enjoy even more dives.

After this holiday I had then been back home and in December 2014, I had then went on to complete my Dry Suit Spec Course, this is vital to complete if you want to dive in the colder waters unlike the water you get in Sharm which is so nice and warm.

I also completed a Enriched Air Diver Cert which allowed you to dive with Nitrox which allows you to enjoy diving using enriched air nitox which gives you less decompression time (deco) allowing you to do more dives, staying down longer and getting back in the water quicker every divers dream I must admit!

After this, back in December 2014, I had seen a local Dive Centre to me in Scotland called Aquatron who at the time were looking for Dive Master Interns so I thought I would take the chance, to see if I would be lucky enough to get on the Internship.

What is a Dive Master you may ask?  Well they are people like me who live Scuba Diving and help turn what you love into a career, you will get to lead others as you supervise scuba activities and assist with diver training!

Well, in February 2015 I got the great news that I had been successful and have been working with them even up to now in their store where I have been learning about the Scuba Industry and so far I have completed my Emergency First Responder Course which is basically first aid around Scuba Divers, I have not done any diving with them yet but this will be changing very very soon infact already starting to plan when I am going out diving with them on Sundays so watch this space!

I also took my 3rd trip back to the Reef Oasis Beach Resort at the start of May 2015 where over two weeks I completed a huge 20 dives over this time, where I worked more on my breathing underwater along with the very important buoyancy as if you get buoyancy improved this will also help you use less oxygen which will allow you to enjoy even more time underwater.

I must say that so far all the Scuba Diving I have done, has been so great, such an enjoyable experience you can see some of the great pictures I have taken from my Scuba Adventures here

For me its just so nice to be able to enjoy Scuba Diving as spending time underwater with some of the great sights you get to see, worry free from anything that may be happening in your normal life, simply go underwater let any worries be forgotten about for half an hour or so and enjoy yourself.

Its such a brilliant way to be able to meet new people who enjoy something which you enjoy and where you share a passion.

If you have never gone scuba diving, make sure you contact your local dive centre who can provide a ‘Discover Scuba’ session normally in the confined space of a swimming pool.  If you live near to Glasgow, Scotland the team at Aquatron will be able to help you with this.

I hope you have enjoyed this video today and I can assure you that I will be doing more updates on my Scuba Journey so make sure you hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss any future updates from myself.

I am also currently booked to complete my O2 Oxygen Provider and Rescue Diver course which will be happening in June so watch this space for even more updates!

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