Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

Over the past few weeks, things around the world shure have been getting very worrying haven’t they?

With Coronavirus, it sure is becoming a fluid situation day by day.

Just take a look at recent announcements by Disney and Universal to close until the end of March, hopefully it will not need to last longer than this, after all I do have my visit to Universal planned for May, but if it will get to it, I will need to move the date of the holiday.

After 12 years working in travel, with everything dwhich was thrown at me, from Volcanic Ash, Hurricanes, Tour Operator and Airline failures and much much, it makes me thing that I made the right decision to move away from working in travel although I do very much miss it.

I have a number of friends still working in travel and my thoughts are with them at this difficult and worrying time.

As airports, flights, venues begin to become even more quiet, please do spare a thought for all of the staff at this time.

UPDATED 15th March

Since posting, the USA have put restrictions on the UK & Ireland travelling, hopefully this will be lifted before May so it will be a time of watching closely what will happen


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